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2015 Personal Best Week
Please join us in celebrating special education week in our school district by highlighting our student’s personal best work, as well as their academic & recreational achievements this year.

Here is the event schedule for all to participate:
Sunday, May 17:
Personal Best Week Dance

Cliffwood Elementary School, 1-4 PM
DJ, Dancing, Giveaways, Refreshments, Peer Buddy Recognitions & Recreational Awards

Monday, May 18:
Ravine Drive Elementary School – Pajama Day 
Board of Education Meeting, 7 PM, MAMS Cafeteria
Personal Best Week Awards & Recognitions
Tuesday, May 19:
 Strathmore Elementary School – Pajama Day
Aberdeen Township Gallery Walk, 6 PM

Wednesday, May 20:
Cambridge Park Preschool & Cliffwood Elementary School – Pajama Day

Special Educator Bagel Breakfast – All Schools   
Matawan Borough Gallery Walk, 6 PM
Thursday, May 21
Lloyd Road School – Pajama Day

Student & Teacher Basket Raffles – MAMS & MRHS

Phoenix Runs
Matawan Regional High School Track (Date/Time TBD)
Phoenix Runs offers a running program for girls and boys who are between the ages of 5-16 years old with special needs. Our volunteer Phoenix Buddies offer our athletes support and guidance in a positive atmosphere. They participate in a warm-up, speed, agility & distance running appropriate for the ability and age of the athlete.
 A $10 registration fee will be collected at the first practice.

Bambino Buddy Ball

It's here! The ever popular Bambino Buddy-Ball starts April 11th

Matawan-Aberdeen Bambino Buddy-Ball offers baseball program for children who are ages 5-17 years old with special needs. . Through the implementation of the 'Buddy' system, our volunteer baseball buddies offer our athletes support and guidance in a positive and fun atmosphere. Coaches and buddies help foster confidence and self-esteem, make memories, have fun and facilitate a safe environment. Players and buddies participate in a variety of activities such as batting, catching, throwing, base running that are appropriate to the ability and ages of the players

Click here for Registration Form

Hope to see you at Guisti Field!
Guisti Field is located behind Matawan Aberdeen Middle School

2014-2015 PoSP

  The purpose of this program is to provide financial reimbursement for therapeutic and/or special needs recreation for every qualifying child aged 3 to 21 who is an active member  of Parents of Special People, Inc.

 The financial allotment per child for the 2014-2015 school year has been established and subject to change at $125 per child, per
semester with a maximum allotment of $250/annually.

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Parents Of Special People Inc

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Have photos from a PoSP event or recreational league that your child is involved in?  

We want your photos!  We have created a PRIVATE Flickr account to store photos so that we can showcase them at our Gift Basket Auction and Personal Best Week in 2015.

Just send your photos as an email attachment to:

Photos are private and NOT made available to the public.  
NOTE:By sharing pictures on our private Flickr account, you automatically give permission for the photos to be showcased in the PoSP annual video compilation

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