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Transition Assessment Tool Kit:  An age appropriate transition kit provided by US Office of Special Education

Transition Matters:  A roadmap of the "Transition Timeline" provided by Family Support Center of NJ

What Graduates Need to Know: Key points nicely outlined for parents by the Division of Developmental Disablities 

Transition Tool Kit:  A great kit for student, parents and educators from Autism Speaks

Employment Tool Kit:  A great manual from Autism Speaks

Meaningful Transition:  Slides from a presentation by Bill Freeman, NJ Dept. of Education,Office of Special Education

The Transition Workbook:  A great tool for students getting ready for life after high school

NJ Transition Requirements Code:  A Copy NJ's Administrative Code, Title 6A Chapter 14, Special Ed. Requirements

The IEP Student Bill of Rights: A copy of your student's rights under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act

Available Curricular Materials for Community-Based Instruction and Transition: A list of resources by the state of NJ

Sample Activities/Strategies for Statements of Transition Services: by NJ Dept. of Education, Office of Special Education

Post Secondary Goals:  A great "How To" on  writing effective,appropriate and measurable postsecondary goals 

All About Me:  A survey for your child or student to fill out to help with goals and post secondary life

Transition Assement Kit:Transition Methods, Assements & Instruments , provided by Council for Exceptional Children & NSTTAC

Vocational Profile:  A tool for documenting & structuring functional information that is vitally important for anyone who will provide assistance in obtaining & keeping integrated employment in the community.  Provided by NJ Dept. of Education, Office of Special Education. 

Planning the Transition:  A booklet on planning the transition to adult life written by ASAH and Hinkle, Prior and Fingles, ESQ. 


NJ Department of Education's page on Transition can be found here.





Parents of Special People, Inc. provides the following information and documents for educational and informational purposes, but does not provide legal advice. PoSP strives to provide current and accurate information regarding transition services for students with special needs.

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