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Peer Buddy Opportunities

A peer buddy can make such a positive difference in the life of a special needs child and what many do not realize is how 

much a peer buddy can learn and grow from this amazing experience!  


There are many ways to become a peer buddy.  PoSP provides training through Pathways for Exceptional Children twice a year and utilize them in our recreational and social events held throughout the year.  If your child is interested in volunteering to become a PoSP Peer Buddy please contact us here.   


Many township programs such as Bambino Buddy Ball and Phoenix Programs also accept peer buddies for their players.  You can find out more about these programs by visiting our Sports page.  



  • In School: Contact Your Principal to Learn HOW!

  • During Daily Physical Activity - Grades K- 5

  • During Lunch with Social Skills/Lunch Bunch Groups

  • After School at Clubs/Rehearsals/Crew/Team

Some of our amazing peer buddies who attended our 2015 Sensitive Santa Party held at Cliffwood Elementary School.  

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