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 Facebook Pages & Groups

The Mighty - Inspirational and informative stories regarding disability, diseases and mental illness.  


Special Books by Special Kids  - A Facebook page run by an amazing Special Education teacher.  An indepth look at his teaching methods and his amazing students.  


The Wolfpack - A closed Facebook group for families who have 2 or more special needs children.


Special Needs Swap Meet - This is a group to list any items you may have around for your special needs kids. Do you have items you want to sell, give away, or swap that has to do with special needs? List it on here.


New Jersey Autism Warriors - The official Facebook support group for POAC.  Parents and Grandparents are welcome.


NJ Advocates in Action - This group is devoted to providing support for parents of students with disabilities and run by an excellent non attorney advocate.  


New Jersey Parent Advocates - This group is a place for parents to ask questions and receive help about their Child's Special Education. 


IDEA & IEP TipsThis is a social support group where parents can share tips on obtaining a free appropriate public educations (FAPE) through individual education plans (IEP) pursuant to the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).


IEP Assistance and Special Needs Parenting Advice - A closed facebook group that started from the blog "A Day In Our Shoes". Their description is: A place for special needs parents to connect for IEP advice, special needs parenting tips and more. This group is an off-shoot of my where I answer parents' IEP questions and such. If you are an experienced parent or advocate, please chime in! The more points of view, the better. Especially when it comes to advice from different states.


Special Needs Events New Jersey - This group is open to everyone its for sharing any and all events in our area NEW JERSEY and Surroundings including social activities, area walks, community events, fundraisers, petitions, etc


Special Education Events NJ - This Forum is provided to post events that relate specifically to families with children who have special needs.


SPAN - A facebook group fromStatewide Parent Advocacy Network (SPAN).  Their goal is to empower and support families and inform and involve professionals and others interested in the healthy development and education of children and youth.


Disabilty Rights New Jersey - Run by a NJ law firm with very informative information in the areas of Special Needs.  


Parents of Special People, Inc. provides the following information and documents for educational and informational purposes, but does not provide legal advice. PoSP strives to provide current and accurate information regarding transition services for students with special needs.

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