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Project Funding Initiative

Parents of Special People, Inc., in an effort to effectively support special needs students in the community, is accepting applications from teachers, administrators, paraprofessionals, recreational staff, community organizations and leaders to help fund specific projects and/or curriculum that will help achieve Parents of Special People, Inc.’s overall goal of creating independent, employable, and/or college ready students who will become contributing members of society.


While Parents of Special People, Inc. is dedicated to helping improve the outcomes for all children in Matawan and Aberdeen, our resources are limited and are solely based on donations and fundraising efforts.


Applications will be reviewed by the Parents of Special People, Inc.Executive Board and a limited number projects per School/Borough/Township/Community Based Organization may be partially or fully funded, depending on the amount of donations that Parents of Special People, Inc. can raise.


Applications for both sustainable i.e., yearly programs that would be fully or partially funded by other revenue sources going forward and special, one time only, projects will be considered.


Parents of Special People, Inc. will review each application based on the following criteria:

  • Purpose of the project is paramount. How will it support employability, socialization, academics and/or recreation opportunities for students with special needs?

  •  Objectives of the project should be realistic and relevant to specific social, recreational and/or academic goals for individuals with special needs.

  •  Procedures for implementing the project should be clearly thought out and defined. A description of the methods that will be used should be based on scientifically, research based data; any additional training needed for staff and/or typical peer buddies that would need funding; the materials required; where & when the project will take place, etc.

  •  Budget requests should be detailed, including start up costs as well as trainings, and take into consideration the possible future sustainability of a successful project from year to year and how the project would continue to be funded.

  •  Project Evaluation Forms developed by the applicant and completed at the end of the project by staff, participants and supervisors, including an evaluation of the sustainability of the project through the general revenue funding of the Borough, Township, Community Based Organization and/or MARSD.










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