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Safety and Wandering

Project Lifesaver - Monmouth Couny Sheriff's Office:  The mission of Project Lifesaver is to use state of the art technology to find people with Alzheimer’s disease, other memory disorders (such as dementia), or Autistic children who may be prone to wander. A wandering person with Alzheimer’s disease, other memory disorders, or an Autistic child represents a critical emergency. They are often unaware of their situation. They may not call out for help and sometimes do not respond to people calling out to them.

Monmouth County Special Needs Registry: is a voluntary service open to all citizens with disabilities who reside, attend school or are employed in Monmouth County.  The registry was created to help police officers and other emergency service personnel to better assist residents with special needs in the event of an emergency by providing those first responders with vital information regarding a registrant’s disability, emergency contact information, a physical description and current photograph of the registrant.

Meet the Police Tool Kit: NAA's Meet The Police program is a free, downloadable toolkit for parents or caregivers who are concerned about their loved one's safety in the community. The purpose of this program is to help enhance the quality of interactions between individuals with autism and members of law enforcement.

Parents of Special People, Inc. provides the following information and documents for educational and informational purposes, but does not provide legal advice. 

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